What Is Prophetic Christian Art?

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"Prophetic Christian art is powerful and it brings God's light, healing, love, and hope. It is like medicine to the soul and has the ability to change lives and cultures with its message. "

Prophetic Christian Art Has Been Around For Centuries

Prophetic Christian art has been around for centuries and it is not limited to paintings. In Exodus 31 and 36 of The Old Testament God anoints Bezalel and fills him with the Spirit of God to build the Tabernacle.

Bezalel was given knowledge, intelligence and creativity by God to create the designs and items for the Tabernacle that would bring God Glory. God anointed him as well as others that helped him in all types of craftsmanship right down to the intricate details of how the Tabernacle curtains were to be made and installed and the garments worn by the high priest.

There are many accounts in the bible where God gives divine inspiration, wisdom, innovation and knowledge to create magnificent works such as Noah’s ark and Solomon’s temple and most importantly God‘s creation of the world in seven days in the book of Genesis. God is the greatest Creator of all time and He made us in His image and because we are created in His image we each have the innate ability to create in our sphere of influence. We are the sons and daughters of the most high God and as He states to us in Genesis “we must increase and multiple” in everything He has called us to do.

In history over the centuries there are countless examples where God inspired the generations to create. For example, in Ireland in the 6th to 9th centuries a divinely inspired religious artwork book known as the Book of Kells was designed to contain the four Gospels of the New Testament expressed through art and Latin text. The book contains the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John with colorfully elaborate illustrations using Christian iconography, symbolism and motifs. These illustrations were produced in various monasteries in Ireland, Scotland and England by monks. The book was mainly used for sacramental purposes for the priests to use on the altar but it served those who were illiterate. It is one of the finest representations of inspired prophetic art from that period.

In the 1500’s during the Renaissance period there were several famous artists that emerged that were also inspired to convey Godly religious art messages. The creation of “The Last Judgment” by Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch in which he created a triptych design which was a 3-panel altarpiece with reliefs. Another famous artist of this time was Michelangelo who painted a fresco on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome known as “The Creation of Adam”. This fresco shows God touching man and thousands have been also been touched by its beauty and its ability to depict God’s love for mankind. Another example of inspired Renaissance art was the Isenheim Altarpiece created by Niclaus of Haguenau and Matthais Grunewald. It was created for the monastery of St. Anthony in France. This monastery served the very sick who had rare diseases of the skin. This artwork depicts Jesus taken from the cross showing the natives in that country that God died for their sins and diseases and took them on the cross. All these famous historical religious prophetic art pieces from the Renaissance period and countless more serve as a constant visual reminder of God’s love for mankind.

Bringing The Arts Back To The Church Today

The church today is once again starting to embrace the anointed prophetic Christian artists and craftsmen in the community and their the importance of their art. They are realizing that prophetic art sheds God’s light and helps to manifest it in great power. Just like the days of Bezalel and the religious prophetic artwork and artists of centuries past, God continues to inspire His children with creativity to draw His people to Himself. There are countless stories in history of how art has inspired people and changed communities and cultures. Why would we think that God no longer uses art to transform lives and bring Glory to Himself today? We worship God in music, writing, drama, and dance and we can also worship Him with art. Many churches today are embracing the prophetic Christian artists by having them participate in church services and painting on stage during worship where they feel closest to God and can be inspired by Him as they paint. It is an act of worship to God to paint just as we would sing and is no different than any other call of a Christian. God empowers many of His children to paint and they grace us with that gift. Several churches have incorporated galleries where prophetic Christian artwork is available for viewing or to purchase.

Prophetic Christian Art Brings Healing And Hope

The prophetic artist uses their gift to give glory to God, show His beauty, and convey His word through their art. Their art is anointed like the art of old it changes the atmosphere and releases the Holy Spirit. It gives encouragement and light to those seeking hope and an answer when they need it the most. There are testimonies through history of how art has changed lives and has brought healing, hope, and light to many and this continues with God inspired art today. Creativity in art comes through various means just like in the day of Bezalel. God uses the fine artists and craftsmen of our day to create all forms of painted art, hand crafted furniture, sculpting, pottery, textile design, jewelry design, basketry, glass, photography, apparel and more. The prophetic artist’s main purpose in this world is to reveal God’s presence and to give glory to Him. God allows the prophetic artist to see beyond into exciting new heavenly realms and bring that vision to us in their art form. Prophetic art awakens our soul to reveal God to us and our need for Him and to help us understand His love. Art is a very powerful tool in God’s arsenal against the enemy. It can help to pull down strongholds and allow God’s light to shine through the darkness when nothing else seems to work. If you speak with any Prophetic artist today they can tell you many testimonies of how their art has touched lives. Jack Whitney a prophetic artist from Missouri gives his testimony of how a young girl suffering from anxiety disorder and had given up on God had visited his church and viewed his art that was referred by a friend. She was reluctant to go to church because she said she was done with God but was drawn and intrigued by the idea of having art at church. When she stepped into the prayer room and saw a series of Jack’s charcoal drawings of war horses and God spoke through those charcoal drawings and gave her a glimmer of hope. She remarked that the horses displayed beauty, life and strength. She was overwhelmed by the fearlessness in the horses and that all she ever knew was fear. She began to see God differently and how He weeps for the broken and that the lies she believed about God kept her from the truth. This young girl went on to get helpful tools from her church to beat the thoughts that gave her panic attacks and to stand on God’s truth in John 16:33. This is one of so many testimonies that is a result of prophetic Christian art and creativity.

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